FOI Request - Secondary School Provisional Results

Request 101002812760

I am seeking information about the approaches adopted to generating the provisional results as part of the SQA Alternative Certification Model being used in schools this year. My understanding is that in some councils processes are in place to allow / encourage / require schools to compare their provisional results to previous attainment levels in recent years.

Please answer the following questions. If documents exist in relation to answers (for example, if schools have been provided with a document outlining council policy on comparing 2021 results to previous results) then please include this as well.

1) Do you expect schools to have compared their 2021 provisional results with attainment from previous years?
2) If so, has a particular mechanism been put in place to facilitate this? For example, have particular resources been provided? Has an acceptable range for grades been set?
3) If a school's results do not align with previous attainment, what would happen?

The time frame for this request is 01/03/2021 - present.

Response 23-06-2021

1. We are using previous data as part of a much wider overview which is mainly focused on demonstrated attainment based on evidence from assessments; previous data is only a small part of this element of the quality assurance process.

2. We have provided schools with datasets as we would always do; grade boundaries are decided in school with quality assurance of these taking place with peer groups as well as the senior leadership team.

3. This is one element of a wider discussion at departmental, school and local authority level and is not a main driver for attainment.

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