FOI Request - New School Posts - August 2021

Request 101002814052

1. Please tell me how many additional (a) teaching and (b) support staff positions have been created ahead of the August 2021 term start broken down by posts in nurseries, primaries and secondaries.

2. Of those posts, please tell me how many of these posts are temporary, and how many are permanent.

3. If possible, please also provide detail regarding the funding source for these new posts (i.e. PEF, emergency coronavirus funding).

Response 28-06-2021

1. a)

Nursery - 0
Primary 9 FTE
Secondary 15 FTE


Nursery - 0
Primary 12 FTE
Secondary - 0

2. All additional posts are temporary.

3. Covid 19 funding has enabled all of these posts to be in place in advance of the August 2021 return.

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