FOI Request - Municipal Bus Ownership

Request 101002825099

1.Has your Council discussed municipal ownership of buses at any of your Council committees?
2.Has your Council discussed municipal ownership of buses with any other Council? If so, which Council(s)?
3.Has your Council expressed an interest to Transport Scotland, or any other representatives from the Scottish Government, in municipal ownership of the bus network in your area?
4.Has your Council made a bid for Bus Partnership Funding?  
5.Have you had any payments or information on possible payments from Transport Scotland re any potential financial support for the other options available under the Act i.e.  the cost of establishing local authority services, or the operation of franchising?

Response 28-06-2021

1.  No.
2.  No.
3.  No formal discussions held.
4.   No
5.  Information is available through the proposals of the Act but as that has yet to be finally ratified, there has been no discussion with Transport Scotland.

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