Tree Works Decision Notices

This pages gives you access to Decision Notices made in respect of applications for tree works (protected by a TPO or within a Conservation Area).

Consent is valid for 2 years from the date of the notice. Notices will be removed from this page on expiry or completion of works.

Tree Preservation Orders

2020/TPO/005 - Linnburn House, Drybridge

2020/TPO/010 - Dalcladach, Findhorn

2020/TPO/011 - Haugh Garden, College of Roseisle

2020/TPO/012 - 4 The Coach House, Dunkinty, Elgin

2020/TPO/013 - Rear of 25 Woodside Drive, Forres

2020/TPO/014 - Leanchoil Hospital, Forres

2021/TPO/001 - Rear of 82 Woodlands Drive, Lhanbryde

2021/TPO/002 - Woodlands, Findhorn     DPEA Decision Notice (Allowed)

2021/TPO/004 - Mannachie, Forres

2021/TPO/005 - Oakbank Cottage, Duffus Road, Elgin

2021/TPO/006 - Land to East of Whiterow Farmhouse, Forres

2021/TPO/007 - Oakbank House, Elgin (Notification of Dead Trees)

2021/TPO/008 - Thistle House, Forres (Notification of Dead Trees)

2021/TPO/011 - Plots 1-4 and East & West of Old Railway at Dunkinty House, Elgin

2021/TPO/012 - Craigellachie Wastewater Treatment Works, Victoria Street, Craigellachie (Safe Operation of Statutory Undertaking)

2022/TPO/001 - Dallas Dhu House, St Leonards Road, Forres

2022/TPO/004 - 5 Dunkinty, Elgin     DPEA Decision Notice (Allowed)

2022/TPO/005 - Land Adjacent to Knockomie Inn, Forres

2022/TPO/006 - 1 The Coach House, Dunkinty, Elgin

2022/TPO/007 - 6 Kinloss Park, Kinloss

2022/TPO/008 - 11 Dunkinty, Elgin

2022/TPO/009 - 5 Dunkinty, Elgin

2022/TPO/010 - Heathsands, Findhorn

2022/TPO011 - Haugh Garden, Roseisle

2022/TPO/012 - Heathsands, Findhorn

2022/TPO/013 - 10 Dunkinty, Elgin (Notification of Dead Trees)

2022/TPO/015 - 10 Dunkinty, Elgin

2022/TPO/016 - Haugh Garden, Roseisle

Conservation Area

2020/CA/011 - The Rowans, Russell Place, Forres

2020/CA/012 - Kew House, 2a Duff Avenue, Elgin

2021/CA/001 - Land to East of Burnside Street, Findochty

2021/CA/002 - Corlic, Beach Road, Kingston         DPEA Decision Notice (No remit)

2021/CA/003 - 123a Mid Street, Keith

2021/CA/004 - 11b Greyfriars Street, Elgin

2021/CA/005 - Cairntoul, 27 Duff Avenue, Elgin

2021/CA/007 - Land Adj. to Greenfield Playing Field, Spey Street, Garmouth (Notification of Dangerous Trees)

2022/CA/002 - Land North of Nelson's Tower, Cluny Hill, Forres

2022/CA/005 - Greyfriars Convent, Abbey Street, Elgin (Notification of Dead Trees)

2022/CA/006 - 8 Duff Avenue, Elgin

2022/CA/007 - The Cross, Spey Street, Garmouth

2022/CA/008 - Land Adj. to North College Street, Elgin (Notification of Dangerous Trees)

2022/CA/009 - Woodlea, Archiestown (Notification of Dangerous Trees)

2022/CA/010 - The Square, High Street, Archiestown

2022/CA/011 - 15 North Deskford Street, Cullen

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