FOI Request - Government Restart Grant

Request 101002836977

Please could you provide me with the following information in relation to your administration of the Government Restart Grant for business.
1. Do you administer the restart Grant scheme yourselves?
2. If you do not, who was it outsourced to? Do you remain involved in making decisions where Strand 1/Strand 2 reclassification is requested by a business?
3. How many photographic studios have you classified as Strand 1 businesses, and /or made Strand 1 Payments to?
4. How many photographic studios have you classified as Strand 2 businesses, and /or made Strand 2 Payments to?
5. The guidance notes classify photographic studios in Strand 1 but provides for reclassification based on the business activities. ? Do you/did you consider the specific activities of the business within the photographic sector?
6. Are the businesses which have been classified as Strand 2 businesses what could be called’ family portrait’ studios offering social photography services to the public?
7. Did you seek advice from the BEIS on the matter of photographic studios?

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