FOI Request - School Leavers With ASN

Request 101002837022

1. Does your Local Authority have a specific transition planning process for young people with ASN who are leaving secondary school. If yes, please provide details as follows; when this process begins/ends; what stakeholders are involved and how this process is recorded.
2. How many young people with ASN or disabilities have or will finish secondary school in this or the next school year (i.e. leaving summer either 2021 or 2022)?
3. How many young people (leaving summer 2021 or 2022) have or are engaged in a transition planning process?
4. Does your Local Authority operate an employability support programme designed to support individuals with a disability/learning disability into employment? If so, please provide details including the programme(s) name; criteria for participation (age/nature of disability etc); the length of the programme; the number of people currently on the programme and any stats/evidence in relation to the outcomes of the programme.

Response 23-08-2021

1. Please find the requested information attached here

2. May 2021 - 344 ASN leavers anticipated

   May 2022 - 317 ASN leavers anticipated 

3. 2021 - 13

2022 - 9

4. Moray Pathways is our Employability support Service. Detailsv can be found here: Details of this service therefore fall under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information otherwise accessible.

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