FOI Request - School Crossing Patrol Sites

Request 101002841381

I am hereby requesting information that you hold regarding any school crossing patrol sites in your local authority area. This request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
In particular, the I am requesting following information regarding current School Crossing Patrol sites in your local authority area:
• Location. GPS co-ordinates would be ideal, but a postcode, street name or general description will also suffice.
• Staffed times. Or times when there is a school crossing patroller present on the site during a normal school day.
In terms of the format, having the above in an Excel format or CSV would be ideal. But I am willing to accept the format which is easiest to hand for you.
Please note that I am not requesting details on whether these sites are currently in use (i.e. they have a school crossing patroller regularly on site), nor any personal information relating to the school crossing patrollers themselves.

Response 21-07-2021

Nil. The Council ceased providing this service in June 2019.

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