FOI Request - LGE SJC Conditioned Staff Numbers

Request 101002884071

Please provide the following Information on Scottish Joint Council conditioned employees that you employ either directly or within an Arms Length Organisation, Leisure Trust or similar. (In the case of Tayside authorities, Tayside Contracts will be sent a separate request).

Please provide lists of headcount figures and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) numbers of employees at each of the existing SJC Spinal Column Points. Points 1 to 122, plus any pay points beyond those where applicable.

For clarity, it is assumed that an FTE represents an employee working on average a 37 hour week for 52.143 weeks per year (or 1929.29 hours per year).
If your authority’s standard working practice differs from the above, please give the hours per week, weeks per year and hours per year that you use for calculating Full Time Equivalence and give your numbers on that basis if you wish but please clarify what you are using.
If your authority employs anybody on SJC conditions who is paid at points above SCP 122, please provide the hourly rate at each of these points (as at Financial Year 2020/21) in addition to the headcount and FTE numbers.
Please provide the figures in a tabular form in an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file, in columns each for SCP, Hourly Rate (where necessary), Headcount and FTEs.

Response 08-11-21

The requested information can be found here.

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