FOI Request - Waste Management

Request 101002885864

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information relating to recycling and general waste collection facilities and services

1. Do you currently operate commercial or residential waste collection services: (1) directly / inhouse, (2) via a waste contractor, (3) or through a joint-partnership with another authority?
a. If via a contractor, please can you provide their name. Similarly, if in partnership with another authority, please name

2. Could you please provide a breakdown of the number of large (i.e. a bin with capacity greater than 500 litres) recycling and general waste bins that you own, or fall under the remit of your authority?
a. Can you provide details of how many of these bins are metal vs plastic?
b. Are these bins purchased outright by the authority, or leased?

3. If possible, can you provide any details of spending history on large (i.e. a capacity greater than 500 litres) recycling and general waste bins? (as many years as reasonably possible)
a. Can you provide details of which supplies this spend was with?

4. Do you carry out any maintenance on your existing fleet of ‘large’ bins? Is this done inhouse, or via a contractor? If via a contractor please name
a. Is it possible to provide details of spend on maintenance on ‘large’ bins?

5. Do you have any ‘Big belly’ solar compactor bins within your authority? If so, how many?

If information is not available for ‘large’ bins only. Please provide details for all general waste and recycling bins under your authority

Clarification sought 15.09.21.

No clarification received - closing case 14.01.22.

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