FOI Request - Christmas Decorations Expenditure

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The budget and expenditure, with a full breakdown of costs, for your Christmas decorations throughout the Council area dating back 5 years. 2015 to 2020.
The labour costs in which to install all the Christmas Decorations throughout the Council area dating back 5 years. 2015 to 2020.
The budget for the Christmas Decorations in the Moral council area for the year 2021 if it has been decided upon.


Response 06/10/2021

1. There is no budget.  Christmas trees are provided at no cost to the Council and the Open Space team only install the trees and remove afterwards.

2. These figures are for installing and removing Christmas trees only

2015 - £315.83
2016 - £247.91
2017 - £190.88
2018 - £186.85
2019 - £180.00
2020 - £200.00  

Christmas Lights - Elgin Bid and all the community councils supply, install and maintain the lights in their own towns at their own cost. We have been asked in the past to assist in the installation and removal of the lights but all costs have been recharged back to whichever community council have asked for our help.

The only involvement that we have is to do with the energy used.  We send out letters requesting energy usage and insurance documents. Once these come back we send the information to SSE who generate energy invoices and these are then sent out to the community councils with no added costs.  We estimate the cost for doing this between 2015-2020 as £3406.

3. No budget.

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