FOI Request - Additional Restrictions Grant

Request 101002889786

1. Please can you let me know how many businesses in your borough applied for the The Additional Restrictions Grant
2. How many were given approval to receive the fund
3. The total amount of funds allocated
4. The total amount of funds still held by your council and yet to be given out
5. The average waiting time to receive the full funds

Response 27-09-2021

1. In Scotland there was no new application process for additional restriction grants & businesses which received previous support via either the Strategic Framework Business Fund or any other the other COVID 19 support grants were automatically awarded any additional restriction grants identified by sector by the Scottish Government.

2. Level 3 Localised Restrictions (May) - 651 Level 1 Route Map Extension (July) - 222

3. Level 3 Localised Restrictions (May) - £392,100 Level 1 Route Map Extension (July) - £244,650

4. None

5. 3-5 days

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