FOI Request - Truck Rest Stops

Request 101002894172

I am following with concern the issue with a shortage of lorry drivers. However, I am being advised that there is not a shortage of lorry drivers in the U.K., just a shortage prepared to work in the appalling conditions in the U.K.  in their words ‘you want us to deliver to your town, but your councils make it practically impossible for us to stop and offload our goods with parking restrictions and then provide no facilities for us to rest at’. So we end up with parking tickets and costly bills for private parking.

In Europe drivers park for free, with most large towns having a designated area with showers and food (NOT a service station).

So, on the back of this, can you please advise how many dedicated truck rest stops does Moray council provide for our knights of the road?

What facilities are available at those facilities (toilets/showers/food).

Please do not include privately run motorway service stations as drivers consider them an insult with disgusting food and filthy/costly facilities.

Response 25-10-21

In Moray there are two free lorry parks both situated in town centres.   Whilst Moray Council do not provide the facilities you mention, both car parks are in town centres where there are local facilities available at both locations.

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