FOI Request - Christmas Recycling

Request 101002894531

Could you please share information about what can and can't be recycled at Christmas? Is there different guidelines when it comes to recycling at Christmas (for example wrapping paper, tin baking trays)

Do you collect Christmas trees (meaning can your residents leave a Christmas tree next to the bin?)

If there are no specific recycling rules around Christmas, could you please share your generic recycling guidelines?

Response 19-10-21

1. With regards to wrapping paper, it may be recycled apart from the shiny type, or if there is a lot of glitter or tape attached. Aluminium food trays can be recycled if they are clean (for instance, have had buffet type food on them) but not if they’ve had cooked food in them which has left food residual on them. If in doubt, just put them into your residual waste bin.

2. We normally uplift real Christmas trees presented alongside the brown bins for a short period after the festive period. This is usually advertised nearer the festive period

3. This document available here explains all our current waste and recycling facilities, including a what goes in what bin guide.

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