FOI Request - Animal-Related Licences

Request 101002895939

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act, to ask for information about licences for the following animal-related activities issued by yourselves:
• Dog breeding establishments
• Pet shops
• Dog boarding establishments (commercial)
• Dog boarding establishments (home)
• Cat boarding establishments
• Dog day care establishments.
For each of the calendar years 2015-2020 inclusive, for each of the above activities please provide:
• Number of first-time licence applications
• Number of renewal licence applications
• Number of applications refused
• Number of one-year licences issued
• Number of two-year licences issued
• Number of three-year licences issued
• Number of inspections carried out
• Number of licences revoked.
If you do not have the information back to 2015 or for each of these activities, please supply the data where you do have records.
In addition, for each of the calendar years 2015-2020 inclusive, please also provide:
• Number of animal welfare inspectors
• Number of full-time employees of the animal welfare team.

Response 25-10-21

Please see document located here.

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