FOI Request - Kerbside Collection Policy

Request 101002940081

I am requesting an FOI to enquire why the actual frequency of kerbside collections (and as per the online planner) is not what is published and authorised against the Kerbside Collection Policy Appendix 2, dated 4 Dec 18?

The KCP document notifies the public that the residual waste collection will be 3 weekly, which it is, but it also states that paper based products, plastic and cans, and glass should be fortnightly. Currently this is 3 weekly also.

Response 06-01-21

The kerbside collection policy has not been reviewed to advise 3-weekly collections of recycling as it is a temporary measure during the current pandemic.

Information can be found here: under Bin collections, recycling centres, public toilets and gritting

Once it has been decided if we will make 3-weekly collections permanent, the kerbside collection policy will be reviewed and updated.

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