FOI Request - Community Renewal Fund

Request 101002944099

The Government published a list of unsuccessful Community Renewal Fund bids recently, here:

As per the Freedom of Information Act, can you please provide a figure of how much it cost you to draw up the bid, as part of the competitive bidding process?

If you submitted more than one bid, can you please provide a cost for each bid. For example, if you're Blackpool Council who submitted eight bids, please provide eight different costs. If that's not possible, please provide it all together.

1. Blackpool Bounceback
2. Skills for Growth
3. Blackpool Pathways to Employment
4. Create to Innovate Blackpool Council Feasibility
5. Study for re-development of Blackpool Central Library and adjoining Grundy Art Gallery as a new Cultural Hub
6. Let's Get Digital! Blackpool Council Our Claremont
7. Right to Succeed, Pathways for All project (PFA)
8. Waterloo Masterplan  

Without pre-empting your own information, I suspect the cost will largely be made out of staff costs (X staff over X months at a rate of X).

Response 11-01-22

For the assessment of bids received for the Community Renewal Fund it involved a range of partners. Neither our team, which facilitated the process or partners kept any specific time sheets for providing the necessary work. This information therefore falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held. 

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