FOI Request - A940 at Forres

Request 101002944502

1. What were the major works sites on the A 940 on the entrance to Forres on the 2nd of September that made the Traffic Restriction Order valid?

2. How was the positioning of the temporary speed limit signs decided?  We're there GPS or another method used as to where to locate them.  If so please can you tell me what this was and the locations decided.

3. Finally who was responsible on deciding the signs location a council officer or policeman and of what rank?

Response 13-01-22

1. The major works were for the creation of new access into a development site adjacent to Knockomie Hotel.

2. The officer who dealt with the decision making process has since left the Council so we are unable to answer the question. This information therefore falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held. A site visit would have been undertaken to determine where to locate the signs.

3. Council Officer - Traffic Engineer.

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