FOI Request - Playing Cards

Request 101002949714

Under the Freedom of Information Act, could you please release the following information related to the use of playing cards for drawing lots (as referred to within item 64c of Moray Council's standing orders):

- the total annual spend since 2010 on packs of playing cards, broken down by year and by number of packs of playing cards
- the name of the supplier used to provide the playing cards
- the brand(s) of playing cards held by Moray Council
- how many packs of playing cards are held in storage by Moray Council
- where are the playing cards stored at Moray Council
- detail on any security related to the playing cards to ensure they are tamper-free
- who has responsibility for procuring the playing cards and maintaining the playing card stock

Response 18-01-22

Under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, this information is not held. 

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