FOI Request - Pluscarden Road Inspections and Repairs

Request 101002950554

• A list of inspections completed on the footpath & road condition including any repairs required on Pluscarden Road from the Roundabout for A96 up to the mini roundabout at Wittet Drive between 1st January 2016 & 31st August 2021.
• Details on how extensive these inspections were (ie: completed whilst sat in vehicle driving along the road or individual was out of vehicle and standing on road/footpath to inspect).
• Are any repairs outstanding? If so, how long have they been outstanding?
• Have there been any repeat repairs of the same/similar issue at the same point on Pluscarden Road? If so, where on Pluscarden Road were they, how many times was it repaired and what was the length of time between repairs?
• Have any incidents involving pedestrians slipping, tripping or falling been reported at any point between the roundabout at the bottom of Pluscarden Road (A96) up to the mini roundabout at Wittet Drive?
• If so, was a claim lodged and was compensation paid out? If yes, what was the figure paid?

Response 26-01-22

1. Please see Inspection/Defect Report (for the period 01/01/16 – 31/08/21) available here. Please note, personal information including names and addresses has been removed as this information is exempt from release under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - personal information.
2. Inspections in urban areas (speed limit of 40mph or less) are walked by the Inspector.
3. There are no outstanding repairs.
4. Document provided for Q1 details all customer enquiries along with defects found during inspection recorded during the window specified. This report also shows repaired dates where appropriate.
5. One incident reported 13/08/21.
6. There have been no claims lodged and no compensation paid out regarding similar issues, such like the roundabout at the bottom of Pluscarden Road (A96) up to the mini roundabout at Wittet Drive.

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