Town Centre Improvement Plans

A series of town centre improvement plans (TCIP’s) have been prepared, recognising that many issues are common across most of the town centres in Moray.  The TCIP’s were approved at a meeting of the Planning and Regulatory Services Committee on 25 October 2022 following an 8 week public consultation.

TCIP’s have been prepared for:







Delivery Plan

The TCIP’s set out a range of proposals to support the regeneration of the town centres which include bringing vacant and derelict buildings and sites back into use, improving active travel connections, heritage trails, greening and other streetscape improvements in order to create vibrant, attractive, green, health, safer and inclusive town centres.  The purpose of the TCIP is to provide a framework for investment and attracting external funding whether projects are led by the Council, a community group, or a partnership of both.  

Update Nov 2023 Storymaps will be available to view soon - Town Centre Proposals Storymap Storymaps can be viewed with a laptop, PC or Mac using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.You can also view on iphone/ipad using the latest iOS. For older browsers and iOS please use the pdf's below.

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