FOI Request - Complaints Regarding Private Landlords

Request 101003033384

i) Over the past 3 years to date, how many complaints has Moray Council received regarding private landlords?

(ii) How many complaints regarding private landlords have been actioned?

(iii) What actions  to complaints regarding private landlords were taken by Moray Council?

(iv) How many such actions  regarding private landlords led to criminal prosecutions or civil proceedings?

(v) What were the outcomes of any such prosecutions or civil proceedings?

Response 06-04-2022

  1. 341
  2. 330 of the 341 have been closed
  3. Complaints received would be investigated and referred to the relevant department.  We may also choose to support an application to the First tier Tribunal where necessary
  4. 0
  5. 0

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