FOI Request - Right to Buy Valuations

Request 101003041473

Please could you send me a file in Excel format or similar of every Right to Buy valuation in your area between 1.4.2000 and 1.4.2012?

Please could this list include in columns (a)-(i):
(a) the postcode (or if necessary a partial postcode),
(b) the valuation date i.e. the date the valuation refers to,
(c) the final valuation figure in £,
(d) whether this final valuation resulted from an appeal,
(e) the £ discount that was applicable,
(f) whether the applicant was in receipt of housing benefit,
(g) whether the Right to Buy purchase went ahead,
(h) where applicable the final purchase price,
(i) where applicable the sale completion date.


Response 20-04-2022

The information you requested can be found here

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