FOI Request - Moray Locality Area Extents

Request 101003041827

This is an enquiry from TomTom, the digital mapping company. We are in the process of updating our mapping in your area and we are hoping you may be able to provide us with an indication of the extent of the areas listed below. You can provide a PDF image with the boundaries indicated or ideally a file compatible with a GIS system if possible. We will use this information in our maps in order to improve address search results in those particular locations.

Auchindoun in Keith
Darnaway in Forres
Tarryblake in Huntly
Upper Garmouth in Fochabers

Response 27-04-2022

We do not hold locality areas for the places requested. The areas requested are smaller than what we would term as a locality, they are mainly associated with an estate area/farm/large house. The areas requested may appear in the address at these locations but some may only hold the area as part of the property name. Included are maps which provide an indication of the location in Moray. It may be possible to infer the "locality" areas using address products, however we would not be able to do this in this case due to licence agreements and your intended use within a commercial product.

Products which you may be able to licence are available from Ordnance Survey eg AddressBase and/or One Scotland Gazetteer which would allow you to infer the areas yourself, if the commercial licence agreements allow you to. 

Please see attached for: Auchindoun, Darnaway, Tarryblake, and Upper Garmouth.  

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