FOI Request - Councillors

Request 101003044614

1) Please could you list how many councillors under your local authority left their councillor role before their 4-year term was complete?

Please can this be broken down into

Those who were elected in 2012
Those who were elected in 2017

2) Please could this information be broken down into how many councillors left in the first year of their term, their second, their third, and their fourth?

3) Finally, please could these figures be broken down into who voluntarily left their role, and who was sacked?


Response 13-04-2022

Elected in 2012
5 left during this 5 year term

Carolle Ralph (SNP) – Resigned 1st year of term
Anne Mackay (IND) – Resigned 2nd year of term
Barry Jarvis (LAB)  - Resigned 3rd year of term
Joe McKay (IND) – Death 3rd year of term
Eric MacGillvray (IND) – Retired 4th year of term

Elected in 2017
3 left during the current 5 year term:

Sandy Cooper (IND) – Resigned  - 1st year of term
Ron Shepherd (IND) – Retired – 3rd year of term
Paula Coy (SNP) - Resigned - 5th year of term

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