FOI Request- Neighbour Disputes

Request 101003044309

(1)  All the information on reported ‘statutory nuisances’/Neighbour Disputes in your council area including:
•  Type of nuisance i.e:
•  noise (including loud music and barking dogs)
•  artificial light (except street lamps)
•  dust, steam, smell or insects from business premises
•  smoke, fumes or gases
•  a build-up of rubbish that could harm health
•  High hedges, trees and boundaries

(2)  Number of cases reported
(3)  Noise abatement orders/Fines issued and amount of fine

Please could we have the information on this from the last 5 calendar years, please. If data from the last 5 calendar years is not possible, would it be possible to share data from the last 2 calendar years instead, please?

Please could you provide the information within an excel document split by type of nuisance reported, area (if possible) and date.


Response 20-04-2022

1) In order to fully answer the FOI we would need to look at all the Complaints that we have received. There are 1695 Public Health Complaints and 2509 complaints on the antisocial behaviour module. It would take much longer than 40 hours to look through this data.

2) The information you requested can be found here

3) - all public health notices are available online on the Notices Register at:-  No fines have been issued for in terms of Noise Abatement Orders.

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