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Can you please advise me if your Local Authority is involved with a Social Enterprise organisation or is considering becoming involved with a Social Enterprise organisation to assist homeless people with training, employment and/or accommodation services.

If you are either involved with a Social Enterprise organisation or are considering becoming involved with one can you please advise me of the name of the organisation and their phone number, email address and website.

Response 19-05-2022

We are not currently involved with any groups who provide training exclusively to homeless people, but the homeless is a high priority target group for the partnership - eg one of the target groups that can be referred and we work with housing to get referrals.

In March 2022, the moray pathways local employability partnership invited third-sector organisations, including social enterprises to apply for the ESF challenge fund  (800k total budget ) to provide sector based training and employability support across Moray to hard to reach groups, including those affected by homelessness. This resulted in the Social Enterprise Academy and Elgin Youth development Group (EYDG) receiving more than 100k of funding to deliver a sector based pathway plus programme.  The EYDG offer will focus on the hospitality sector and offering hospitality work placements in the cafĂ© at the warehouse, referrals can only be made by eligible participants under ESF guidelines and referral from support agencies, including housing associations and the housing department in the council.

The social enterprise offer includes the offer of personal development training, mentoring from employers within around 10-15 social enterprises across moray and includes industry visits and work placements and support to progress into positive opportunities. The challenge fund is open to people of all ages who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

Social Enterprise Academy

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