FOI Request - Vehicular Transport and Electric Charging Points

Request 101003056111

Q1  What is the total number of all forms of vehicular transport operated by the council?

a  Total number of vehicles 

b  Of these how many are currently pure electric?

Q2  Can you advise of the number of Workplace Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoints?

a  Already installed 

b  Planned to be installed 

Q3  Can you advise how many workplace EV chargepoints are available?

a  for council fleet only 

b  for council owned fleet and employee-owned or leased vehicles

c  for council owned fleet, employees and suppliers

d  for visitors to council premises

Q4  How was the EV chargepoint installation funded (please tick all that apply)?

a  Grants (eg OZEV, Central Government, other) 

b  Own reserves/resources 

c  Partnership with private sector 

d  Partnership with other public sector organisation (for shared use)

e  Other, please specify:

Q5  Have you applied for any government grants?  Please advise of the number of applications and their outcome : Total Applications Successful Awaiting outcome

a  Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

b  Plug-in Grant

c  Other fleet related grants/pilot schemes (please specify): 

d  N/A (no grant applications made)

Q6  Were these grant applications completed by: Total Applications Successful Awaiting outcome

a  In house/council employee 

b  In house specifically recruited SME (subject matter expert) 

c  A partnership with another public body 

d  Outsourcing to specialist grant sourcing organisation 

e  N/A (no grant applications made)

Q7  What would you say are the barriers to utilising grant funding (please tick all that apply):

a  Too difficult to access 

b  Not known about in time 

c  No specific business need 

d  No capacity or expertise in house to apply 

e  Other - please specify:

Response 13-05-2022

1a. 438 (excluding plant)
1b. 36

2a. 24
2b. 33

3a. 24
3b. nil
3c. nil
3d. 6

4a. Yes
4b. Yes
4c. No
4d. No
4e. No

5. Total Applications 3 Successful 3 Awaiting outcome nil
5a.Total Applications 22 Successful 22 Awaiting outcome nil
5b. Total Applications 0 Successful N/A Awaiting outcome N/A
5c. Total Applications 0 Successful N/A Awaiting outcome N/A
5d. N/A

6a. 3
6b. N/A
6c. N/A
6d. N/A
6e. N/A

7a. N/A
7b. N/A
7c. N/A
7d. N/A
7e. Organisational strategy under development

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