FOI Request - Temporary Traffic Lights

Request 101003058625

1.  Please send some example (i) schedules of rates and (ii) frameworks that include traffic management / temporary traffic light products / services
a.  How long are these frameworks set for?
b.  How frequently are schedules of rates for these products / services updated?

2.  What are the criteria that councils use to evaluate traffic management providers against their frameworks? (e.g. quality – what comprises this? Environmental / H&S considerations?)

3.  Which KPIs does the council use to keep track of these objectives? (e.g. how is quality / price measured and compared)

4.  Within your organisation, what are the job titles with responsibility for:
a.  Design and specification of traffic management systems
b.  Procurement of traffic management systems / services
c.  Evaluation of traffic management provider performance

5.  What proportion of roads are classified as traffic sensitive? Split by road type (A, B, C, etc.) if available.
a.  2019-20
b. 2020-21
c.  2021-22

6.  For each of two-/three-/four-way temporary traffic lights, how many are installed in a year?
a.  2019-20
b.  2020-21
c.  2021-22

7.  What percentage of installed two-/three-/four-way temporary traffic lights use automated traffic detection systems for improving traffic flow (e.g. SRL’s Adaptive Detection System (ADS) / Pike’s AutoGreen)?
a.  2019-20
b.  2020-21
c.  2021-22

8.  What percentage of installed two-/three-/four-way temporary traffic lights use UTMC?
a.  2019-20
b.  2020-21
c.  2021-22

Response 12-05-2022

1(a) Roads Maintenance DLO do not use a framework for traffic management provision. All internal traffic management is provided in-house. Temporary traffic lights for schemes are hired in from local hire partners GAP as they are the only local hire company to provide hire of temporary traffic lights.

1(b)  In recent times Gap have been setting hire rates on an annual basis.

2.  There is no framework to evaluate.

3.  There is no framework therefore no KPI’s to evaluate.

4.  For a, b and c – Contracts Co-ordinator.


Class April 2019 April 2020 April 2021
A   0.005% 0.005% 0.005%
B   0.000% 0.000% 0.000%
C 0.000% 0.000% 0.000%
U 0.000% 0.000% 0.000%

Traffic Lights 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22
2-Way 58 21 45
3-Way 1 1 2
4-Way 0 0 0


7.  For a,b & c - All temporary traffic lights are vehicle activated timings.

8.  For a,b & c – Nil

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