EIR Req: Glyphosate based Herbicides

Request 101003058989

1) Which glyphosate-based herbicides are currently used by on behalf of your council on land owned by, managed, or under control of, the council

2) For the most recent 12 month period for which information is available, please could you advise the amount and brand of each glyphosate-based herbicide in question, as well as the size of the area over which they were used.

Response 24-05-2022

1. Gallup Biograde and Nomix G

2. Moray Council do not collate information on herbicide use. This information is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information Not Held. 

However, in order to be helpful the department have offered the below explanation:

We can advise that the volumes currently stocked for controlling weeds in open spaces in 2022 is:

• 160 x 5 litres of Gallup Biograde = 800 litres
• 104 x 5 litres of Nomix G = 520 litres

Herbicides are used to control weeds in open spaces which includes 105,000m2 of shrub beds, 11,000m2 of rose beds and 7 million m2 of open space amenity grass sites (to provide control around edges and obstacle to grass cutting).

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