FOI Request - Cost of Children's Residential Placements

Request 101003059294

1. What is the most expensive residential care placement you have had to commission for a single child in the past five years, when was it, how long was it for and what specialised services were being provided for that cost? (eg £10k a week for six months for a 13-year-old girl with autism subject to a deprivation of liberty order who was deemed a danger to herself and others). Please indicate if it was a private placement or local authority run provision.

2. How often in the past five years have you had to pay at least £10,000 a week per child? Please break down the answer by year and indicate whether the placements were private or local authority.

Response 20-05-2022

1. £9.205 per week, for the period 25/03/2020 to 27/07/2020 with a private placement. The support was to help the young person emotionally regular, settle and feel safe in a very predictable environment. The placement included additional support of 1:1 staff ratio for 14 hours per day and overnight checks.

2. None

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