FOI Request - Expenditure on Mental and Physical Health Services

Request 101003060679

Under the FOI Act, I would like to request information regarding your total annual expenditure and average annual expenditure per service user for mental and physical health community nursing and residential care home services.

I am requesting this data for the past 5 financial years (FY2016-17, FY2017-18, FY2018-19, FY2019-20, FY2020-21) broken down by the categories in the list below.

Please note that the subcategories are there both for additional detail if it is available, but also to provide an example of what primary diagnosis/need we are including.
For the categories I am looking to obtain the information for services users whose primary diagnosis falls into each category, but if you have an alternative method of categorisation, I would be happy to receive that with some explanation of your categorisation method.

If the breakdown by subcategories would be unreasonably time-consuming, you may choose to treat it as optional and solely provide information for the categories.

In your reply please also include explanations for each category of what primary diagnosis you have included in those categories.

The categorisations we are interested in obtaining the information for are the below:

Acquired brain injuries – examples including:
Traumatic brain injury

Neurodegenerative diseases – examples including:
Huntington's disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson's disease
Motor neurone disease
Muscular dystrophy
Cerebral palsy

Cognitive disorders – examples including:
Early-onset dementia
Severe dementia

sychotic and personality disorders – examples including:
Psychotic disorders
Personality disorders
Learning disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder – examples including:
General learning disability

Learning disabilities with autistic spectrum disorder
Autistic spectrum disorder
Complex learning disability (learning disabilities with multiple co-morbidities)
Physical disabilities – examples including:
Spinal injury
Sensory impairment

For your convenience I have included an excel template for you to fill in


Response 03-05-2022

Under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act (2002), the information you requested is exempt due to exceeding the appropriate limit. 

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