FOI Request - Staff Details for Housing and Development Services

Request 101003064471

1.  Could you please provide up to date Names, Job Titles, telephone numbers and email addresses for the following;
Head of Property
Head of Housing
Head of Planning
Architecture Manager
Quantity Surveying Manager
Estates Manager
Engineering Services Manager
Building Services Manager

2.  In addition if you have an up to date 2022 staff structure for property services could you please forward a copy to me in either Excel or pdf format.

Response 25-05-2022


Head of Property - Head of Housing and Property Services - Edward Thomas -  tel: 01343 563535

Head of Housing - See above

Head of Planning - Actual title: Strategic Planning & Delivery Manager - Gary Templeton -  tel: 01343 563470 (Within Economic Growth & Development Services rather than Housing and Property Services)

Architecture Manager - Actual title: Design & Construction Manager - Moray Macleod -   tel: 01343 563700

Quantity Surveying Manager - Vacant

Estates Manager - Actual title: Asset Manager (Commercial Buildings) - Stuart Beveridge -  tel: 01343 563700

Engineering Services Manager - Actual title: Principal Services Engineer - Perry Johnson -  tel: 01343 563700

Building Services Manager - Mike Rollo -  tel: 01343 829000

2. The information you requested can be found here.

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