FOI Request - Solar Panels and Climate Change Actions

Request 101003064705

Please provide your detailed plans with dates for installing climate change avoidance actions for all properties in your area including schools.

It is vital that progress is made before 2030 and council buildings and schools will provide a major impact.

Response 27-05-2022

In accordance with section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please be advised that this information is not held. However, in order to be helpful, the department has given the following explanation: 

Some of the details you request regarding climate change actions in council properties are included in the Route Map to Net Zero, available via This website also has links to details on council actions to reduce council emissions. In addition, two studies are currently underway to advance our planning on how to decarbonise council property and housing. These studies should be completed soon. These will give a strategy with timescales and costs, outlining what measures to take to decarbonise Council housing stock and public buildings. When complete, these will be presented to committee for approval and will be publicly available. Therefore, the Route Map to Net Zero and the decarbonisation of property strategies will combine to show how the Council can plan to achieve their climate change goal of being Net Zero by 2030. However, as set out in the Route Map, it should be noted that securing funding for these changes will be required, and the timescales tight. The Route Map and strategies will be used as evidence to support any future funding bids to enable this work to be carried out.

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