FOI Request - Municipal Waste and Software Applications

Request 101003067551

In the context of domestic waste bin/sack collection services, as opposed to trade/commercial collections or waste disposal:

1. Are you currently in a partnership with other councils for waste IT system operations or procurement? If in a partnership please name the partner councils?

2. Do you currently operate waste services (collections) directly, or through a waste contractor such as Biffa, Suez or Veolia. If through a contractor, please name them.

3. Which of the IT systems below do you use for the management of day-to-day municipal bin collections:
a. Yotta
b. Bartec Collective
c. Whitespace/Powersuite
d. Selected Interventions / Echo
e. Core (Suez)
f. Webaspx
g. Other: [please name]

4. When is your current contract for the IT system OR outsourced waste contract for waste collections management due to expire?

What main software do you use for operational management of:
5 Grounds/parks maintenance  
6. Street cleansing
7. Pest control
8. Cemeteries
9. Playgrounds and play equipment
10. Geographic Information System (GIS)
11 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Response 01-06-2022

1. No.
2. Directly.
3. None.
4. N/A.
5. Confirm.
6. Confirm.
7. Uniform
8. Confirm.
9. Confirm.
10. ESRI
11. Lagan.

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