FOI Request - Use of Expanded Polystyrene Cladding

Request 101003067663

I am looking for information about the use of Expanded Polystyrene insulation (EPS) in (a) your housing stock, and where (b) external wall cladding insulation has been retrofitted to existing homes to improve the insulation, including through existing Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland, such as the ABS and other programmes now closed.

For both a) and b) please indicate:

1. On how many properties EPS has been installed
2. of the properties which had it installed, how many had (i) fire retardant and (ii) non-fire retardant EPS installed
3. How many of those properties EPS been removed from
4. of the properties which had EPS installed, how many had 6mm or more of render cover installed

Response 30-05-2022

1.            On how many properties EPS has been installed

Landlord           2013/14    2014/15    2015/16    2016/17    2017/18    2018/19   2020/21    Total
GHA                                                                                        10                                               10
Moray Council    39              51                                32            11             70            20           223
Privately owned   75            129            135            129            93                                            561
Total                 114            180            135             161          114            70                            794

2.            i) All had WBS EPS insulation boards which were flame retardant grade Class E (BS EN 13501-1:2002), and ii) all had Building Warrant approvals

3.            None

4.            All

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