FOI Request - Agency Recruitment

Request 101003070667

Please answer the questions below with regard to the provision of workers engaged through recruitment agencies for the period of April 1st, 2021, to 31st March 2022

1.  Whom is your agency or managed service provider:
(Example, Adecco, matrix, Comensura, other)

2.  What was your method of procurement for this contract?
(Example, ESPO/ LGRP, other)

3.   Whom is your current contract manager:
(The point of contact internally in the council/government body that manages the agency contracts for you)

4.   What is your spend on workers/interims/consultants engaged via agencies:
(example £x)

5.  Please provide the number of agency workers with a charge rate of over £400 per day/ £55 p/h through this managed service (point 1) and also off contract, so not via the provider in point1
(‘ number’)

6.  List of the names of the agencies engaged that have supplied workers directly that are not through the agency managed service provider aka ‘off contract spend
(example names of the recruitment agencies)

Response 07-06-2022

1. Clyde Marine Recruitment, C&P Recruitment, Hays, Morgan Hunt, Global Highland and G2

2. Mini competition via agencies active in area of specialism and through frameworks

3. Asset Manager (Corporate Buildings) for Property, Payments Manager for Procurement; Development & Operations Manager Harbours (for Harbours recruitment), Administration Officer (for Roads Maintenance and Environmental Protection)  

4. £530,220.00 (April 2021 – March 2022)

5. None

6. Hays Construction, Anne S Paterson Educational Consultant, C&P Recruitment LTD, Driver Hire Inverness LTD, G2 Recruitment Solutions, Morgan Hunt Ltd,  TimePlan Education Ltd

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