FOI Request - Council Tax Accounts with a Credit Balance

Request 101003072205

Please can you provide me with the following information:

All Council Tax accounts with a credit balance.

I am aware that all Billing Authorities hold on accounts sums of money that are due to be returned to ratepayers and for a variety of reasons have not been repaid.
I therefore request a breakdown of credit balances accrued since your earliest records, for the amounts owing to all incorporated companies within the authorities billing area, including the following information:
A. The name of each business in respect of which Council Tax credit balances remain payable. I understand you will not provide individuals names. Please note I am not asking for business rates but that of council tax accounts held by the likes of housing associations, property developers etc
B. The value of overpayment in each case which remains unclaimed.
C. The years(s) in which overpayment is for.
D. The property address the credit relates to.
E. A write to address and write to company name.
F. Please state whether the account is a live/open account or a closed account; if closed the date it closed.
G. Please provide the most up to date and accurate information that you can, please confirm the date that the data was pulled from your system

Response 13-06-2022

Moray Council's Council Tax software does not have a way of identifying businesses, so for every account in credit we would therefore have to determine whether it was an individual or business. With over 4000 credits to look at individually, this would take us over the time limit for inclusion, as this would cost the Council in excess of £600. In accordance with section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, excessive cost, we are therefore unable to comply with your request.

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