FOI Request - Street Furniture Outdoor Advertising Contract Status

Request 101003072912

We are undertaking a research study into the status of street furniture outdoor advertising contracts held by local authorities, councils and Cities throughout the UK.

Please can you provide the following information to us ASAP in order for us to complete our research:-

Bus Shelter, Street Furniture and Free Standing 6 sheet Unit Outdoor Advertising Contracts:
Question 1) Expiry date of any existing / current bus shelter advertising contracts.
Question 2) Expiry date of any existing / current free standing 6 sheet display advertising contracts.
Question 3) Details of the incumbent advertising company / contractor for the above contracts.
Question 4) Details of the type and size (type and number of advertising assets)and value of the bus shelter and free standing 6 sheet outdoor advertising display contracts
Question 5) Details of the services, products and financial revenue payments made to the authority / city for these services.

Response 13-06-2022

1. Information not held
2. Information not held

3. Information not held

4. Information not held
5. Information not held

Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

Note: there are 11 bus shelters in Moray that are owned by Clear Channel (formerly AdShel).They have advertising space that they manage. The Council have no involvement, nor do they receive any payment. 

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