FOI Request - Council Tax Credits

Request 101003075919

I hereby request a list of unclaimed council tax credit balances. Please note I am not asking for business rates credits.
Please can this information be provided to me in an Excel Spreadsheet, including the following fields:
1) Ratepayer name
2) Property Address
3) Billing Authority Reference
4) Amount of credit
5) The period or financial year of the credit

I appreciate that properties where the ratepayer is an individual would be excluded from my request. In such cases, please provide the remaining information with the Ratepayer either blank or listed as 'individual'.

Response 15-06-2022

The report to produce Council Tax accounts in credit only shows the Council Tax account, the liable name and the overall credit. The Council Tax payer name would be redacted, as would the Council Tax reference number. In order to find the liable address and the year split for the credit, each of the over 4000 accounts in credit would need to be investigated individually. This would take approximately 5 minutes per account to record the information. This would take over the 40 hour/£600 limit. In accordance with section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, excessive cost, we are therefore unable to comply with your request.

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