FOI Request - Community Equipment Service

Request 101003075938

1. Who provides your community equipment service?

2. Are riser recliner armchairs available through your community equipment stores?
a. If yes, what is the eligibility criteria?
b. If yes, what make, and model are supplied?
c. If yes, how many riser recliner armchairs were supplied in 2020, 2021 and YTD in 2022?
d. If yes, how much do you pay per unit?

3. If no, how do people within your local authority area get a riser recliner if they are assessed as needing one?

Response 15-06-2022

1. In-house joint equipment store.

2. Yes

a. See attached Policy for the Provision of Equipment

b. This will depend on need.  There are no fixed suppliers/make/models

c. 2020 – 42; 2021 – 43; 2022 to 26/05/2022 - 22

d. This would vary considerably due to the range of chairs issued - no set amount. 

3. N/A

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