FOI Request - HSCP Debt

Request 101003077958

1.            How much has the HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership) charged for all non-residential social care services, expressed as a total expected income for 2021/22?
2.            How much debt exists for those charged for non-residential social care, expressed as a total for each of the last 5 years up to and including 2021/22?
3.            Does the HSCP collect this debt and if so, how?

Response 16-06-2022

1. £783,943


2015/16       3623.9
2016/17       4360.78
2017/18         248.31
2018/19       5604.95
2019/20      12921.67
2020/21       1647.95
2021/22           47.38
2022/23       7294.58
Grand Total 35749.52

3. It is collected by way of Moray Council's Sundry Debt Management Policy. Reminders are issued by Corporate Payments Team and following the event of non-payment, it is passed to external debt collection agency for progression. Within HSCM, there is a process for appealing debt and can be considered by Charging Appeals Panel (in place of Stage 2 Moray Council's Complaint Procedure).  

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