FOI Request - HSCP Aids and Adaptations

Request 101003084679

I would be grateful if the following could be submitted as an FOI:

1) What is the total spend by the HSCP on aids and adaptations in each of the last five years up to and including 2021/22 ?
2) How long is the current waiting list for an OT assessment for aids and adaptations?
3) How many applications for aids and adaptations were rejected, either in whole or in part, in each of the last five years?

Response 24-06-2022

1) The information you requested can be found here.

2) 407 people are on the current waiting list.

3) Not held. We do not record rejected equipment and adaptation requests. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

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