EIR Request - Use of Pesticides by Council

Request 101003107181

This is a request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. I would like to request the following information:

1.  Do you manage your open spaces yourself or are they are outsourced?

1a.If they are outsourced, what is the name of the company/companies that manage them?

2.  What is your policy for weed control in the open spaces - parks, sports fields, grass verges etc?

3.  Do you use herbicides containing glyphosate eg Roundup, Weedol etc If yes, what do you use What areas have been sprayed with herbicides containing glyphosate?

3a What is your policy on the use of glyphosate?
3b What precautions were taken ahead of its use?

4.  For the calendar years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, please can you tell me:

The volume of these herbicides you have you used The cost

Response 14-07-2022

1. Managed by the Council.

1a. N/A

2. No formal policy.  The Council controls weeds on paths, around obstacles where grass cutting machinery cannot access, streets and to control plants like Giant Hogweed.    We do try to minimise usage of herbicides and use other forms of weed/vegetation control such as strimming and mulching of shrubberies.

3. Yes, as above.

3a. As above

3b. Products containing glyphosate are legally approved (UK and Europe) and are used according to the product label and safety data sheet.  Operators are trained in the safe use and handling of pesticides.   

4. Unfortunately we do not collate information on herbicide use to allow to respond but we can advise that the volumes currently stocked for controlling weeds in open spaces in 2022 is:

• 160 x 5 litres of Gallup Biograde = 800 litres £44.90 each)
• 104 x 5 litres of Nomix G = 520 litres (£55.30 each)

We also have stock of Rosate from a purchase of 100 x 5 litres in 2021 (cost £19.56 each)

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