FOI Request - Policy Document and Template Contract

Request 101003107827

1)  A copy of the written internal policy that the Moray Council follows with regard to requiring option 1 budget holders to choose third party services from an approved list. If you are not sure what this is, please liaise with Lorraine Taylor, Lesley Wills and/or Jean Massie (copied into this email) as I have been speaking with these council officials about this issue. If this policy does not exist in written form, please say so. It may exist in the form of an internal email/memo or something. Whatever form it may exist in please send it to me. It may not exist in any form at all. If that is the case, please let me know that this policy does not exist in any form.

2) A copy of the contract that Moray Council asks these approved third party services to sign in order to get onto the approved list. If you are unable to send me this information, please say why and do not let that delay sending the policy requested in (1) above.

Response 12-08-2022

The documents requested have been forwarded to the requester.

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