FOI Request - Number of Teachers Who Left During Pandemic

Request 101003112046

1.  Could I please have a breakdown of how many teachers left their jobs in local authority schools from the 2017 school year to the end of the current 2022 school year (to date)?

2.  Could this information please be broken down by school year (i.e., the number of teachers who left during each school year).

3.  Please could you provide any public information on the reasons that were given for leaving, and whether the teachers retired early, quit before retirement age or transferred to another local authority?

4.  Did the council see an increase in early retirements or teachers quitting during the pandemic-affected school years?

5.  Have there been any steps taken to retain teachers in their positions or recruit new teachers during this time period?

Response 22-08-2022

1. - 3. The response to your request can be found here.

4. No.

5. We have supported recruitment of teachers in primary and secondary throughout this period as well as supporting (NQTs) Newly Qualified Teachers across both sectors also.

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