FOI Request - Council Tax Rebate

Request 101003113261

1.     The number of households within your billing authority that are liable for council tax and aren’t currently registered for direct debit.

2.     The number of eligible non-direct debit households that haven’t submitted a claim / application for the £150 Council Tax rebate, to date.

3.     The deadline set by your billing authority for households to apply for the £150 Council Tax rebate.

4.     As of today (the day of your response), has your billing authority used cheques, vouchers, or any alternative methods to pay the £150 rebate to eligible households that haven’t submitted a claim? Please respond yes or no. Or provide any additional information if you wish.

Response 15-08-2022

1. There are 11,930 properties which currently do not pay by Direct Debit.

2. The £150 Cost Of Living Award in Scotland is not application based.

3. See response to question 2.

4. See response to question 2.

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