FOI Request - External Hires/Recruitment

Request 101003114108

Please could you advise on the following questions for the period 1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022:

1.  How many external hires were made at Moray Council over this period (all vacancies)?

2.  What was your total recruitment spend for this period (all vacancies)?

3.  How much of this budget was spent on external agencies (all vacancies)?

4.  Who are these agencies and what was their total cost per agency?

5.  Who is the senior responsible officer in relation to this budget?

6.  Do you have a centralised recruitment team at Moray Council or are your recruitment budgets and responsibility managed by your service leads?

7.  Who are these recruitment and/or service lead(s)?

8.  What is the organisational structure within your recruitment and hr teams at Moray Council?

Response 09-06-2023

1. There were 1124 positions filled by 1083 employees during the period 01-04-2021 to 31-03-2022

2. This information is not held centrally but generally jobs advertised on myjobscotland a free portal

3. This information is not held centrally.

4. This information is not held centrally.

5. Various, as this is remitted to Service Managers

6. Yes for vacancies below a certain salary threshold.  Budget is not held centrally.

7. In HR Grant Cruickshank, elsewhere many hundreds of officers.

8. The response to your request can be found here. 

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