FOI Request - Trauma Training

Request 101003114376

1.  Of the £1.6m allocated to local authorities by the Scottish Government in October 2021 to help deliver services that can safely support people affected by psychological trauma and adversity, how much did you receive?  

a)  Can you break down how this money was spent?

2.  To date, how many of your employees have completed NHS Education for Scotland's National Trauma Training Programme?  

a)  How many have completed Practice Level 1 of the training? b)  How many have completed Practice Level 2 of the training?
c)  How many have completed Practice Level 3 of the training? d)  How many have completed Practice Level 4 of the training?

3.  Once your employees have completed the training, how is it followed up?

Response 17-08-2022

1. Moray received in total 100K. 50K was received in 2022/23 and 50K was received in 2021/2022.

a) £800 was spent on commissioning training for the Senior Leadership Group

2. Information not held, as the training is freely available on line and there has been no monitoring of who has completed. Information that is not held falls under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - Information not held.

a) -d) Not held - see above.

3. Not held - see above.

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