FOI Request - Free Laptops or Tablets Issued in Schools

Request 101003115265

The number of free laptops or tablet computers issued to school children in the council’s area by this month.

Also, to request the number of school age children in the Council area at the end of the last school year last month. An approximate number is fine if this is easier to provide.

Response 28-07-2022

Initially 500 devices were issued on loan on first lockdown in 2020 which was subsequently replaced by local and national funding from William Grant Foundation, Lord Lieutenant's Emergency Fund and Scottish Government funding with a total of 1,512 devices made available initially for children and young people.  Free connectivity solutions to access the Internet (mi-fi devices) were also provided to help further reduced impact of digital inequity for our learners.  In total, 2,808 devices (mainly laptops) have been purchased and distributed to pupils and staff since first lockdown in March 2020 with a further 534 purchased for during the 2021/2022 school year.   

11,450 pupils attended school on the last week of term.

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