FOI Request - School Covid Ventilation

Request 101003119189

In January 2022, £5 million was moved from the Covid Business Ventilation Fund to support ventilation in schools. I am looking for information on the following:

1.  How much funding did you receive from the government intended for this purpose,

2.  How much of your allocation was spent on ventilation improvements,

3.  What exactly the money was spent on, and

4.  How many classrooms have benefitted from improvement?

Response 24-08-2022

1. Moray received an allocation of funding from Scottish Government on Oct 21 and Jan 22 (£83K) that equated to a total of £52K revenue and £203,288K capital.

2. To date £123,672.17 of capital spend

3. To supply of +1000 mobile CO2 monitors across all secondary, primary and nursery schools (council and private providers) to support continuous real time monitoring of CO2 and temperature in all classrooms and teaching spaces and aid decisions on when to open windows and doors to improve ventilation.

Moray Council continue to monitor CO2 levels  - especially as we remove COVID restrictions - to determine any persistent issues and remaining budget is set aside to address remedial actions. This is broken down into:
• Revenue - £52,000 available to support any consultancy or building modelling to develop understanding and action plans to mitigate future CO2 levels consistently above expected thresholds  
• Capital allocation:
• £53, 000 available to support works to permanently fit mobile monitoring devices (wall mountings, power and protective mesh as required) and windows improvements at identified schools (currently only  Knockando Primary School and Forres Academy)
• £22,000 available to support localised mechanical ventilation
• £4,500 to support air cleaning devices
The actual capital spend allocation across these areas is flexible and based on assessment of impact and urgency.    

4. All classrooms and teaching spaces have benefited from mobile CO2 monitors provided and works in progress to install the majority in a permanent location. A small number of classrooms have had minor improvements completed to improve window openings and planned works on two other schools to do same.  

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